When Julie and Sandra appeared on the show just over a month ago, they were still recovering from the hurt of having fallen victim to alleged con man and bigamist Ed Hicks.

Because of their courage to share their story, they helped save another woman. In fact, just three hours after their story aired on Dr. Phil, Hicks was in handcuffs. Two sisters share this new twist in the Hicks case with Dr. Phil.  

"My sister, Barbara, had been dating Ed for about seven or eight months," says Linda, "when I was watching Dr. Phil, I saw a photograph of Ed and I said, 'My God! That man is dating my sister!' At this point I jumped up and called Barbara. I said, 'Barbara, this man has been married seven times. He is a bigamist.'" Right after hanging up, she called the police.

"I sat there and watched it," says Barbara, "and I was so upset that I think I cried just about the whole time. I just could not believe that these women on Dr. Phil were saying that Ed was their husband. This man had just a week ago asked me to marry him."

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