Some of the items the girls bring to survive 24 hours in the woods are: a magazine, a book, the game Scrabble, night vision goggles, a nail kit, makeup, a mirror, a blow dryer, five hats, a robe, slippers, three pairs of shoes, six long-sleeve t-shirts and much more.


Upon their arrival at camp, the women are scared by what they think is a big raccoon, but is actually a squirrel.  Ron informs them of some rules before they enter the campsite. "You can't wear makeup. You're not bringing your laptop. What you can wear is what you get to take in," he says.


John, the field ranger, meets the women and takes them to their campsite. He warns them, "It's not uncommon for folks to either see bear or to see packs of coyotes." The scared women don't like the sound of that! 


Their first task is to set up their tent.  They argue with each other as they stumble to get it up and inhabitable.


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