"We've always wanted to go camping together as a family, but my daughters would rather do anything than camp," says Ron. He and his wife, Devia, have six daughters and one son. "When you talk about high maintenance, they are astronomical maintenance."


The girls agree that they aren't quite the camping bunch. "I can't go even a day without TV," says 28-year-old Noelle.


Her younger sister, Mindy, says, "I'm not comfortable being somewhere that doesn't have locks or a door to protect me from animals or weirdos."


Ally, 22, adds, "We have always been pampered our whole life. I'd like to go to certain hotels, and it's got to be a certain room." She is going to bring her Blackberry, cell phone and laptop on the camping trip!


Ron says there's no way his wife and daughters could put up a tent, start a fire or cook, all on their own. He wants to challenge them to spend one night in the wilderness camping, without the help of men.


Heidi, the oldest child, says, "I watch Survivor. I think I'm ready for this challenge!"


Ally's not so sure. "We're screwed," she says.

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