Amy's mother, Iva, explains how the cruise came about. "In 1998 my husband, Ron, won a trip and so we went as a family. Our first stop was Aruba, and then after that was Curuçao. When we were on the ship, we noticed immediately there was a tremendous amount of attention toward Amy from the crew members. After dinner, the waiter came out of the dining room and asked me where Amy was, and I asked him why, and he said, 'Well, we want to take her to Carlos 'N Charlie's.'"

"When the waiter asked, I thought it was maybe a little forward of him to be asking those types of questions," Ron adds.

"When Amy came back, I said, 'The waiter wants to take you to Carlos 'N Charlie's with his friends.' And then Amy looked at me and said, 'They're creepy. And I'm not going anywhere with them.'"

"There was a dance troupe that was allowed onboard the ship," Iva continues. "There was a bass player who I noticed. And he was a very unsavory looking character. Amy told her brother, Brad, that the bass player had been hitting on her. She said that he was a real jerk."

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