Ann Marie wanted Dr. Phil to see exactly what was going on with her mother, so she installed cameras in her mom's home to catch her non-stop psychotic behavior.

Her mother stands alone at the kitchen table. She absently tugs an unkempt strand of hair from among the mats that cover her head. Here's a sampling of the statements she makes to no one in particular:

"Do you have the Mary Williams white microphone with the Roberts sponge, Brian Bob?"

"Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls, they were all over Michigan."

"I would imagine the Feds are going to have a field day there, Gabrielle."


"I'm someone that got hired by the Feds to take all of this down. Well, that's a ten billion dollar reward."


"Do you hear me, Janey? You're getting caught by Mt. Mary College tape recording system for what you're doing. That's right. They're putting their own tape recording system in. That's why I'm hearing Laurie."

Ann Marie explains, "Over the last six years schizophrenia has become a monster that has crippled my mom. She is currently living in my brother's apartment. She pretty much sits smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee."

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