I'm obsessed with Mary-Kate Olsen. In my book, she's perfect," says 21-year-old Jenni. She grew up watching the Olsen twins on TV, and now her life revolves around becoming Mary-Kate. She buys their movies, videos, books, purses, and perfume and has posters and pictures throughout her house. Jenni has even taken to acting like Mary-Kate. She imitates the way Mary-Kate purses her lips, and she even started smoking because Mary-Kate smokes.


The most extreme behavior Jenni has copied from Mary-Kate is becoming an anorexic and bulimic. "My obsession with Mary-Kate fueled my eating disorder," Jenni admits. "The thinner she gets, I feel I have to catch up. There's a picture of Mary Kate and her back, you can see her bones, her shoulder blades. That picture was right by my mirror. That's what I want to look like." She purges throughout the day, as often as 20 times.  "When I'm purging, I look at a picture of Mary-Kate and just think, 'She's getting through this, so can I,'" Jenni says. "I strive so hard to be someone that I'm not."


Jenni worries that she is passing her negative habits to her 3-year-old daughter. "She only wants diet soda. She asks how many calories are in things," Jenni explains. "It's too much to have a child, an eating disorder and an obsession."

Jenni realizes she needs to overcome her obsession. "It's OK to be a fan but, I've taken it too far," she says. "I think my obsession with Mary-Kate is deadly."

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