Jim says he spent 15 years looking for his daughters. The girls escaped the cult when they were teenagers and tracked him down.

Kristi describes reconnecting with her father. "At age 16, I stopped communicating so much with my mother. After hearing from the outside point of view what this cult was like, it freaked me out," she says. "That's when I began to search for my father. I got his ex-wife's number. I called her. She was like, ‘Kristi he's been looking for you for 15 years. Yes, he wants you.'"

The happy reunion didn't last long. "I don't think he ever wanted to be my dad. I think he wanted to be my friend. If I called him dad, he would be furious," Kristi says. She also feels that her father's intentions to reunite were financially motivated. Jim was writing a book on his experiences in the cult, and he wanted to interview his daughters for it. "His first question was 'What was some of the good stuff that you remember?' I stopped talking at that point because he had never made that big of a deal about the abuse, but he wanted to know the good stuff," she cries.

Kristi and her father barely talk now, and she struggles to forgive him for the abuse she suffered at the hands of the cult. "He's always said that this was the greatest experience in his life, having this experience with the group. Do you know how small that makes me feel?" she says, her voice quavering. "The greatest experience in my life was meeting my father."

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