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The Deadly Teen Choking Game

It's a game many kids call "Space Monkey" or "the choking game," and the consequences could be deadly. Plus, Dr. Phil addresses a trend that looks innocent on the surface but can affect teens in the worst way.

A Mom in Mourning

Sarah became aware of the deadliness of the choking game after her 13-year-old son Gabriel hanged himself in an attempt to get high. "My son is dead. I should have known the warning signs," she laments.

Samuel, Gabriel's twin brother, explains his involvement in the game. "We played the game a couple times a day. When my mom first found out, she went psycho: ‘I can't believe you did this.' I stopped, but Gabe got addicted."

"I didn't realize how out of control it was," Sarah admits. The night of her son's death, she went into his bedroom and made a startling discovery. "I could hear Samuel saying his brother's name, and I knew something was wrong. I ran to the room and my child [Gabriel] was unconscious with a rope around his neck. Samuel was standing behind his brother trying to hold his brother up, and I could see a rope from the top of the bunk bed."



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