Cheating has gone high-tech with the use of modern technology like cell phones, text messaging and Web sites.
"It's huge," says Jan Bunten, a math teacher at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, Calif. She first learned about high-tech cheating through her student, Mike.


"My friend sent me a picture of the test with the intention for me to solve the problem, and when I saw the problem it was obvious they were trying to cheat on the test," 18-year-old Mike says. "I just thought it was funny. I showed my teacher. I just thought she would find it funny."


Jan was stunned. "The fact that kids are using cell phones to take pictures during their exams just blew me away," she says.


Students are also using the Internet to cheat. "I set up a Web forum to help students with their homework," explains 17-year-old Paul. Students ended up using it to cheat, even posting exams before they were taken at school. Paul failed the class because of his involvement with the site.


"Kids are much savvier than we are. I often wonder how we're going to stop it. I don't know if we can," Jan admits.

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