"Mark and I are turning our son, JJ, on to sports at an early age. He's only 8 months old, but we believe the earlier the better," says Charlene. She and her fiancé have been exposing JJ to sports since he was in the womb, by reading NBA magazines to him, and JJ's is almost always wearing a sports-related outfit. When JJ is older, Charlene wants him to play flag football, basketball and soccer. "I've selected toys to gear him up for sports." She and JJ are also enrolled in a Mommy and Me and a tumbling class to help JJ develop his muscles and motor skills. "We do exercises just to get him coordinated," Charlene explains.

"If I could pick my favorite dream for JJ, in a sports capacity, it would be to be a starting point guard on a college basketball team," says Mark, an admitted sports nut, who put a sports bar in their house with two plasma TVs and tons of sports memorabilia. "I'm a strong believer that children have to have other activities besides academics," Mark says. "If JJ did not want to be in sports, his mother would be devastated. I would be disappointed."

Charlene agrees. "I can't imagine how I would react if JJ came up to me and said, 'Mommy, I don't want to play sports.' I've always had the dream that I would be a Team Mom on every team." She asks Dr. Phil, "How do we maintain a balance for JJ to play sports without us putting too much pressure on him?"
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