Families on Fire: Managing Crisis

Could your child be headed down a destructive path? And could you be making parenting mistakes that will have long-lasting, damaging effects on your kids? Dr. Phil gives specific tools to put these fires out.

Like Father, Like Son?

Dr. Phil advises the couple to consider all their options about Blake's future. Addressing Billy, Dr. Phil says, "This may very well be something that you want to consider. Now here's the downside to something like that. It can send a message that 'I'm being sent away again. I don't fit. I'm being rejected again.' I don't know if this is something you are getting ready to do at this point. And if it is something that you do, then I think it's something that you have to do with him instead of to him. In other words you talk about it. You agree on it. You partner with it. And this isn't an extended camping trip. There are Ph.D. level family therapists that work with these young men at least twice a week."

Dr. Phil explains that if Billy and Adina decide to send Blake to Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, all costs will be waived. "They're going to do everything they need to do to try to inspire America with this young man's life."

Stressing that the couple is in over their heads and in need of professional help, Dr. Phil says, "He needs some healing of his mind and his heart. This might be a great jump start. But let me tell you, we're not going to write this young man off."
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