How to Get Your Kids to ...

The art of negotiating to get your kids to do anything begins the moment they are born. If you're tired of playing "Let's Make a Deal" with your children when it's time to eat, get dressed or go to sleep, Dr. Phil has advice.

Bedtime Bandit

Dr. Phil instructs the couple to use commando parenting. "If you have to, cut the top half of his door off and lock the door from the outside so he cannot get out," he says.

When Tracy looks shocked, Dr. Phil continues, "You put him in there, he stays ... Then if he yells, ignore him. If you're worried, then get a little camera and put it in there."

Dr. Phil also explains that they should expect Christopher to be frustrated at first. "When he doesn't get what he wants anymore, you're going to pay," he warns. "First he'll throw a tantrum. Then he'll yell and scream. Then he'll say, 'I have to go to the bathroom. I'm sick.' He'll choke and gag and puke on the floor ... You have to be prepared to go there. Get him up, clean him off, put him in bed and go back out."

Dr. Phil suggests that they remove something that Christopher values when he doesn't listen. "Take away his toys. Take away his covers. Take away his blanket," he advises. "Whatever his currency is, he needs to know, 'When I do A I lose B.' ... On Saturday, take it to the shelter and give it to the poor children. He needs to know 'When I don't behave, my life goes away.' It's called socializing your child because that's how the world works."
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