How to Get Your Kids to ...

The art of negotiating to get your kids to do anything begins the moment they are born. If you're tired of playing "Let's Make a Deal" with your children when it's time to eat, get dressed or go to sleep, Dr. Phil has advice.

Bedtime Bandit

Dr. Phil acknowledges that Matt and Tracy are loving and attentive parents. "You're wanting to do the right thing but your inconsistency is killing you here. One of the objectives of parenting is that you have to socialize your child," he says. "Part of socialization is impulse control. This is a very critical time with shaping this young man's personality with impulse control and respect for the pecking order and authority in the family."

Dr. Phil does applaud them for trying to establish a routine in their home. "The ritual that you're doing at night " your going through the dinner, the bath, the reading, all of that stuff is great," he says. "The problem is that when he starts resisting, you guys cave and here's the issue. If you give in some of the time, but you're tough some of the time, what you have is called the intermittent reinforcement schedule and it creates the most resistant maladapted behavior of all ... He is going to have to unlearn what he's learned because he's learned that he gets to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it."


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