Custody Battles

We've all seen it in the headlines and even within our own families — innocent children being caught in the crossfire of bitter custody battles. Dr. Phil steps in to speak on behalf of the kids whose voices are not heard.

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Bridget says that she will never stop fighting for her daughters. "I will fight until my last breath," she tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil introduces Dean Tong and Kathie Mathis, two individuals who are helping Bridget fight her custody battle. Dean is an author and a consultant on contested custody abuse cases, and has been working for 20 years on these types of cases. He says that he has seen a lot of errors in this case. "We believe that this is a case of bad science producing bad law."

Dr. Kathie Mathis is a psychologist who works with mothers who are in a similar position to Bridget and their children. She has helped Bridget write an affidavit stating the impact of what's taken place.

Dr. Phil mentions that Bridget has written a romantic thriller exploring love, loss, deception and redemption called September. "I wrote it as an outlet for all of my pain and stress and frustration," she explains. "I will fight anywhere I have to go to get my girls back."
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