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Kids Ask Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil opens his mailbag and lets kids ask anything that's on their minds. He tackles some tough questions — from dealing with a drug addict mom to taking over for your mother when you're just a teenager.

Granting a Wish

Dr. Phil describes another e-mail he received that meant a lot to him. "I recently received a letter from a little boy with a question that was hard for me to read, but it absolutely touched my heart," he says.

Eight-year-old Ryan writes to Dr. Phil; "I am eight-years-old and one of your biggest fans. My name is Ryan and I just love your show. I have leukemia and I'm spending a lot of time in the hospital. When I was first diagnosed, I had chemotherapy for three whole years and then it went into remission. But I got it again and I'm back in the hospital. I have a hard life, but I can make it through this.

"Your show helps me a lot. Me and my mom watch you all the time. I like how you tell the truth. I like how you make people feel good and how you can be funny as you help people. Dr. Phil, you are the best. It would be a dream come true to see you in person. Is there anyway a kid like me could meet you?"

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