Booty Camp Finale

A little over 10 weeks ago, Dr. Phil invited you to join Booty Camp, and said you could lose 20 to 30 pounds by now. It's time to weigh in and show off the results!

The Results

Dr. Phil calls all four of the women on stage, and the audience applauds their success.

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue Studio Services, the women will get to keep their new clothing and designer shoes, and go back to the department store for another outfit!

Dr. Phil thanks the makeover team, including Fiona and the Studio Services department at Saks Fifth Avenue; Christophe, who cut and colored their hair; and Carol Shaw of Lorac Cosmetics, who did their makeup.

He then tells the women that they'll each get to take home their choice of Precor fitness equipment!

"You guys are such crybabies," he jokes with them as they shed tears over the gift.

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