"What do you want?" Dr. Phil asks Dee.

"I'd like for him to look at his career and say, 'Wow! Look at what I've done,'" says Dee. "How many actors get to have a
career like he's had? I mean, it's been 35 years and he's still acting. But he's never satisfied. I want him to think he did something with himself. But it's such a roller coaster ride with the rejection."

"Do you want him to say it's over?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I never wanted him to give his dream up," says Dee. "If I did that, I would lose part of the man I love. But I have my dreams too, and [there's] the kids. I feel like sometimes we're left out and we don't get to pursue our dreams. But then I feel guilty and think I should be more supportive of him."

Dr. Phil tells Charles, "She says she's missing you being plugged in now. Because if you go out for auditions and it doesn't work, then the kids don't have their dad and she doesn't have her husband because you're shut down over this [rejection]. And it's not fair to her."
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