Charles and Dee

"I'm an actor," explains Charles Napier. "I'm 67 years old. I've been in close to 100 pictures and a lot of television shows. I'm at the groveling stage of my career. The [work has] slowly drawn off ... I thought fame would be the answer to all
my problems. I'd still like another roll of the dice ... As long as I'm in this town and keep being rejected, I'm going to have that pain."

"I'm so afraid he's going to be on his deathbed saying, 'I never made it. It never happened,' says Charles' wife, Dee. "Charlie is very depressed about his career ... Our life is very difficult because we live with so much rejection ... We just feel helpless ... It's an addiction ... Dr. Phil, can you help my husband get over his depression about his career and his fame?"

"Do you measure your self-worth as a function of the roles you get or don't get?" asks Dr. Phil. "Does it go up and down with how your work is?"

"Sure," says Charles. "The self-worth does go up and down with it."

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