"I just have to ask, whose dream is this?" asks Dr. Phil.

When Dr. Phil asks Robyn if she was a performer, she admits that she competed in over 30 beauty pageants.

"So you spent a lot of time in front of the camera," says Dr. Phil. "And now [Dylan] is doing it. Is it wrong or evil? Absolutely not. But does it make sense to compromise the entire family and your stability and finances in pursuit of this rather than letting it happen organically, where he performs in school plays and develops his craft?"

Dr. Phil continues, "You say he likes to perform and loves the camera but every kid likes to perform and loves the camera ... The problem I have here is [that you're] saying what a 6-year-old child wants is going to make a decision for the rest of the family ... A 6-year-old doesn't know what he wants or doesn't want."

Dr. Phil encourages Robyn to create balance in her son's life by exposing him to different things and then letting him make

his own choice.
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