Moochers, Part 2

Do you still have an adult child living at home, rent-free, hot meals, all expenses paid? Just like a boomerang, do your kids keep coming back? Or do you send money to your adult children?

If you didn't figure out the difference between helping your children and setting them up to expect less of themselves in "Moochers, Part 1," it's not too late to learn how and when to cut the cord.<

Marcy and Larry
Marcy wants her husband Larry to stop taking money from his parents. "They pay for everything," she says, including their car payments, bills, medical appointments, daycare for their son, and the down payment for their house.

"I'm fortunate my parents are able to help me," says Larry, who has been trying to get a real estate career off the ground.

"I love my husband. I want our marriage to work," says Marcy. "But taking money is just not a good way to start off a marriage."

She says she's losing respect for her husband because of his complacency, and feels like they're taking advantage of her in-laws.

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