Love Smart, Part 2

December 7, 2005

The lights are low, the champagne is flowing and Dr. Phil's singles party continues. Using techniques from his new book, Love Smart: Find the One You Want — Fix the One You Got, Dr. Phil teaches women how to weed out the bad boys and find Mr. Right.


See what happened on the first show.



Girl Talk

Four women who say they can't be themselves around guys discuss dating and their ideal mates. What they don't know is that they are being watched — by men whom they will soon meet.



Do the girls really have a different personality around guys?



Wallflower Wendy

Wendy worries about what guys think of her "Plain Jane" appearance, and she says that she can't be herself around a man. With a makeover from Robin and a special weapon from Dr. Phil, how will she succeed on her date?


Does Wendy shed her wallflower ways and earn a second date?



On a Mission

Dr. Phil sent four women out to target-rich environments to see if they could land a guy. Two were schooled in the Love Smart ways, while the other two had to survive on their own.



Which women succeed and get phone numbers from men?



Test Your Guy-Q

Ladies, how well do you know men? Take Dr. Phil's quiz to find out if statements like, "All men ever think about is sex," is fact or fiction.




Find out the answers.



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