Open Marriage

August 7, 2012
Is the secret to a happy marriage having an open marriage? Carl and Kenya, married 17 years with three children, say yes. They say they're not only honest with each other about their relationships, they also make sure their kids — all under the age of 14 — know and understand. Can their open marriage really work, and if so, for how long? This episode contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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“Progressive Love”
Carl and Kenya explain their lifestyle practicing open marriage, or what they call  “progressive love.” What kind of rules have they set up? Do they use protection? Plus, Kenya’s partner, “Charles,” and Carl’s girlfriend, Jhoselyn, join the discussion. Why doesn’t Charles show his face? What does Jhoselyn’s husband think?

“Opening my marriage has saved my life.”

How Will Their Lifestyle Affect the Kids?
Carl’s mom, Joann, explains her biggest concern for her son’s lifestyle choice. Plus, hear what Carl and Kenya’s kids have to say about their parents’ open marriage, and what disturbed Dr. Phil the most.

“My children accept it and saw what we were doing as something that was cooler than cool.”