Conflict so Big it needs a Dr. Phil Solution?

Producer’s Note: This is NOT a show about helping with drug/alcohol rehabilitation. In order for Dr. Phil Associates to thoroughly read all stories, please do not exceed more than a half-page of text with your submission.


Are you experiencing conflict so big that no one else in the world can fix except Dr. Phil?Is there constant fighting in your house so bad that the neighbors are complaining? Is your family issue so complicated that you don’t even know how begin to unravel it? Is your marriage so broken that only Dr. Phil can put it back together? Are you convinced that your stubborn friend or family will only listen to him?


Did something dark happen in your past that only Dr. Phil can help bring to light? Is everyone against you, but you’re certain that he will be on your side?


If you or someone you know has an issue so HUGE and Dr. Phil is the only one who can fix it, then please write to us today!

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