Huge Family Drama?

Producer’s Note: This is NOT a show about helping with drug/alcohol rehabilitation. In order for Dr. Phil Associates to thoroughly read all stories, please do not exceed more than a page of text with your submission.

Is your family on the verge of falling apart? Is your family unable to be in the same room without a HUGE fight taking place? Have the arguments lead to extremely harsh words or even violence? Are there numerous issues contributing to the dysfunction? Do the issues involve in-law conflict, an out-of-control teen, money problems, lies/secrets, infidelity, or any other high-conflict issue? Does your entire family need an emotional intervention? Do you fear the damage is not repairable? Are you ready to cut ties with your family? If you are someone you know is caught in the middle of HUGE family drama and would like Dr. Phil’s help, please send us your story!
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