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July 23, 2005, 2:55 pm CDT

True Love

I do believe in true love ,but I think you have to be very careful. I think girls especially are quick to fall in love as we are emotional creatures. I think for it to be love at first site is possible It happened to both me and my husband . He saw me dancing and told his friends he was going to marry that girl . We lived in a small town so I went to school with some of his friends . The next weekend was my 16th birthday party and he and those same friends crashed it . Well lets just say I thought he was really something to and spent most of my night with him . That was 30 yrs ago and I love him even more today than I did than . The one thing about love I can say is it will be tested but you talk it out you listen to each other and you don't give up. Your going to have the hard times but if you hang in there they pass . before you know your enjoying the good times it's really simple actually when you look at it that way. When I'm really angry at my husband I ask myself how would I feel if I left him and saw him smiling into some other womans face ??? I'd want to scratch her eyes out so I definately still love him do I want to quit because I'm mad ..Hell No !  True Love is always worth fighting for . I would assume anyone inlove would say they have true love ...

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