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July 25, 2005, 2:17 pm CDT


about six months ago a very good friend of mine was dumped by her serious boyfriend. my friend has shown positive signs, such as moving on and meeting new people. unfortunately, she has been going though a relapse lately. she is becoming depressed and obsessed with the break up, constantly wanting to contact him and talk about him. she has also told me that her "break up attacks" have come more often lately.

how can i help her move on? how can i help her realize that this guy was an idiot and she is worth so much better?

NOW... ANOTHER friend went through the same thing about the same amount of time ago. since the breakup, she has become a completely different person, hanging out with different and sometimes completely random people; not bothering to contact her real friends, and partying ALL the time. she still "meets up" with her ex and they have physical encounters. unfortunately, although they seem to be happy in this situation, he will be leaving the country for a year or two in about a week.

how do i help my friends?!


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