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September 9, 2005, 8:09 pm CDT


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  What part of  " I'm not ready to get married" Don't you get ?   This is a MAN, a real one.  Someone who knows he needs more than just a live in honey to make a home.  He's from the old school, and if you want to keep him-- You better back off the "Bicycle Built for Two".  (It's a song about getting married poor )  let him  


 "When I asked him if living together is out of the question, he said no, definitely not. He lives alone and is struggling financially. He said all he thinks about is work and how he can try to get it together." 


   LISTEN TO HIM !!!!  

Honey, he's into you, just not that into you! Living together is one thing, marriage is a whole other! He likes you to be around, maybe help financially, but he may never marry you. Some people are just that way. They don't want to be married. He may be with you til you die, he just doesn't want to be married! I am not saying I am right or wrong. Just my opinion! 



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