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September 7, 2005, 12:00 pm CDT


Quote From: dkeller

It seems that everyone is obsessed with losing weight.  Either they want to and can not or they have some type of eating disorder.  My problem is that I can not gain weight.  I have looked all over the Internet to find a web site to help but the only ones are for men to build up their muscle mass.  Everyone seems to think I have some kind of eating disorder because I am so tiny( I'm 5ft 6inches and 103 lbs)!  I have always been small and always been teased about it.  It seems the entire world is worried about how overweight people are treated.  What about the people who are ridiculed for being too thin?  I am so sick of hearing that I need to eat!  I honestly eat all the time and do not gain weight.  But it seems there are no weight gain programs like there are weight loss programs!  Any suggestions?  

I hope this doesn't come accross in a bad way cause i really don't mean it to but i just think maybe you posted this on the wrong board. What you said can be really triggering for those of us who are struggling w/ anorexia, not to mention that you probobly won't get much (if any) advice on gaining weight considering our problem is the opposite of yours and that we are obsessed w/ losing weight.  Just my thoughts :)
September 7, 2005, 12:13 pm CDT


Quote From: chrisbon

  i was watching TV today and the past couple of days and all i have seen  are reports about weight lose, gain, how to lose weight, and a new show being aired on fx about ridiculing eating disorders and giving more misunderstanding to eating disorders, as if we need help being misunderstood.  

  i have fought this miserable illness for twenty five years and the last two days have been awful, I'm so scared if i start eating again i may explode! I'm feeling very anxious, at work today all anyone could talk about is there weight, complaining about how fat they are, even if there not. so i make my plans to lose more and to be perfectly thin. i get on the scale at least four times after i get home from work and twice in the morning and eat as little as possible. what are we going to do, no one understands the illness and even the size 10's think there fat, so TV continually says you need to lose more weight and we keep believing it's true and people die everyday of so called heart attacks, when they actually died of an eating disorder. when will it stop?  

I hear is soooo much harder to deal w/ when you know most people don't understand. The problem w/ me is I don't even completely understand it. I just know it's not as easy as people seem to think it is. Some people will say 'just eat' yeah that sounds so easy but its not, theres sooooo much more to it. Even my psychiatrist doesn't really understand, the last time i saw him about a week ago he made a comment that just irriatated the hell out of me. I'm working w/ him on getting into an inpatient treatment program but in the meantime he wanted to change my meds...of course i asked him if the new med would make me gain weight, he asked my why i was asking. I said because if it makes me gain weight i know i'll get too freaked out and i'll stop taking them. So then he asks me 'well if you're not willing to gain weight than why go to this treatment center?' ........what the hell kind of a question is that....OH MY GOD....i told him because deep down i KNOW i want to get better but i can't do it on my own and the treatment center specifically deals w/ eating disorders and work on changing your thinking patterns...they don't just make you gain weight and then throw you yeah doctors don't even really understand it....that was soooo frustrating. I hope things get better for you though. I feel for ya :)

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