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December 13, 2008, 1:26 pm CST


Hi Dr. Phil,


     I have been following the Caylee Anthony case via "Nancy Grace", and what angers me about the whole situation is how the police have ceased searching for the little girl. Cayce was giving "hints" all through out her interviews. On a recent interview I viewed, Cayce stated something to the effect that Caylee was "close to home".  Wasn't that a clue for the PD? Why did it take a utility worker to find her, when she was only 1/2 mile from home? Why didn't the PD search at least a 1 mile radius around the house? I also found that the interrogators were being too nice to Cayce, when interviewing her. I think that firmer and tougher tones could have been used in the interrogation process. They should have read her the RIOT ACT!


        It's a shame. No child deserves to die like that, no matter who it is! I'm angry at how the police handled the whole situation. I also think that Cayce should not be allowed to have any books, tv, beauty products, etc, while in jail. Its a joke!  She needs to sit in her cell, be alone with her thoughts, with no distractions. Make her think about what happened and about what telling the TRUTH means!! I feel so badly for little Caylee, she was such a cute little kid. It's sad!


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