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January 6, 2007, 12:58 pm CST


My son arrived at my door step from British Columbia at christmas a few years ago with a family of three and one on the way.  It was to be a short stay he said. However they were still here in June. My heat, hydro, gas and food expenses went up . I was already working four different jobs  struggling to keep up with the costs, then items started coming up missing. I tried to help him find a job and found that he wasnt really looking and faked a few jobs. Therefore my investment of gas money and use of my vehicle came up empty and deeper in debt. Being at my ropes end , I told him  he had to leave because I couldnt trust him. Twice he came back stating he had a job. His girlfriend then was  eight months pregnant also did have income from the human resources but did not share in the household expenses and complained that she had to do the dishes. July 31, was the deadline for my sons family to move out . Pregnant or not pregnant. They had to find a place to stay. She stayed at a motel, funded by welfare until she found a rental place which I gave a reference for. They moved into the basement apartment. My son and his girlfriend, were separated. Do I regret kicking them out , no. She has her resources and does well without my help. He has moved on to another girl. To date he is supposed to be training for a job and is planning to get married to another girl in FEbruary. If the individuals have the ability to move in and mooch , they have the ablitity to move out and find a way to support themselves under the watchful eye of the childrens Aid society, and mine. Occassionaly I will still help in an emergency and only if I can or want to.  Our family are just  human individuals who have different ideals than ours and for us to make choices for them just hinders them.

I asked my grandchildrens mother how she felt about me kicking her out  at the time I did and she said she was glad she finally could move on.


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