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July 26, 2005, 10:02 am CDT


Quote From: sensual909

Hello all-

I am very excited to report that my husband and i have PCS'ed to Turkey and the cost of IVF here is amazingly cheap. He learned the procedure in the states and was the first doctor to have a successful IVF babie. It seem as though most of hispregnancies are twins....but i will take what i can get. We are awaiting my cycle so we can start our IVF cycle. I guess becausei am actuualy eager to see my period it wants to take its time. The cost of the IVF is 3,250 lira, which come out to be about 2,000 U.S dollars. You medication is an additional 1,500. Well guys thats all for now. Wish me luck....Hope to hear from someone soon...


My fiance and I are also trying to conceive but I've been put on medication for fertility, I just want to say Iam happy for you guys and good luck with the IVF.

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