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July 25, 2005, 7:21 pm CDT

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My daughter Valerie will be 3 years old in a few weeks. For the past few months, she has pretended to have an imaginary friend - with a twist. You see, instead of having an imaginary friend, Valerie IS the imaginary friend. She says she is "Timmy" and that "Valerie" is someplace else - usually in the forest picking flowers and sometimes on her lap or sitting with her in the car. This is disturbing to me, as I don't know if she's being unusually creative or just kind psychotic in this behavior. Is she casting off her own identify for some reason? And how can I get her to be herself again?
I think your daughter is fine. This should be a phase. My daughter had 1 fulltime friend, Ralph on Sound of Music, that went with us EVERYWHERE, and part time, Leezal from the same movie, she was there some of the time. She is now 9yrs old and that is a great memory I have of hers. I just enjoyed them as much as she did.  My 4yr old doesn't have one. Every child is different. Enjoy her friend and treat them like they were yours, too. Of coarse there are times when she has to be Valerie and Timmy is not there. But for the most part, enjoy Timmy like she does.

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