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September 13, 2008, 4:46 pm CDT

Leaving Kids in Cars

We had a case here in the KC area where a mother left her son in the car just to get something to drink.  Not only did she leave him in the car, but she left the car running (it was cold outside).  The car was stolen and she tried to get her kid out of the car seat, he was dragged to his death.  This woman was not charged at all.  I know it probably sounds very cold hearted, and people will say she has suffered enough, but not as much as her son.  She should have been charged.  It is against the law to leave your child in the car alone. 


I wish I could remember who put it this way, but I really like it.  Let's see how much your child is worth to you.  Would you leave a $1000 bill in the car?  No.  How about a $100 dollar bill?  No.  How about a $50 dollar bill? No.  How about a $20 dollar bill?  No.  And so on and so on. You wouldn't leave a $20 dollar bill, but you would your child. So your child isn't worth $20.00.  I never left my child in the car, no matter how difficult it was to take him out and put in back, or no matter how close it was.


Some mistakes you only get to make once.



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