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September 16, 2007, 5:13 pm CDT

Age matters sometimes

I married the first man I ever had a relationship with.  YES I was a virgin at 22 when we met.

My ex was 3 years older than me.  I left him when I was 32.   I did not know how to date but I sure ran into

some real insecure boys in there 30's.  I looked really good and certainly not older than 24.  I started to play sports again.  I was very active. 

There was this tall guy, taller than I.  He looked young but we seem to have a connection.  It was so great talking with him.  I heard from one of the players on my team that worked with him he was interested in me.  I was clearly only going out for fun.  I asked how old he was and was told 24.  I had been going out with 24 -28 year olds so that seemed ok.  After all I was not looking to get married.  I had a young child and whom ever I dated needed to know my restrictions.  My child ALWAYS came first, and my life.  I did not believe in having anyone meet my child.  I went out when my child was at the Fathers.  I brought this child into this world and I was responsible for my loving child.  They had to understand that I was not free to go anywhere when ever they wanted too.   Anyway, this Tall young guy got it.  He was NEVER Jealous.  We'd go rollerblading, movies, comedy clubs.  I would invite him to watch me at my co-ed volleyball games.  He fianlly showed up one night when we had to cancel because of lighting.  We where talking and he said he wanted to plan ahead something special for his birthday coming up.  I asked him how old he was going to be.  He said 19,  I was really shocked.  I told him that was not funny.  He said he is not lying.  I asked to see his drivers liscense.  I about died.  He really was going to turn 19.  It took a long while before I could breath and speak again.  I told him that I could not be in a relationship with him, I am not a hypocrite, if I do something I have to live with the fact that if some day my child does it I can live with it.  I told him I can't go on seeing him I am old enough to be his mother.  I had turned 33 a few months earlier.

He pursued, me, we talked at times, he sent me cards.  I really did have a connection with him and I really had to do some sole searching.  I decided to meet with him and talk to him.  I asked him what he was looking for.  He told me that he is too young to look for someone to marry.  He has been working so much and he graduated from high school early and reminded me he was a district manager and I said I know that is why we connect, you are very mature for your age.  BUT I am 33 and old enough to be your mother.

I asked him if his parents knew, he said yes.  I asked what they thought.  He told me dad was, yeah go son, and his mother who is only a few years older than I, said he was to stop this.  I laughed knowing that is what I would have said too.  We had a really long talk.  I told him that this would never lead anywhere and that I was not looking fore anyone to settle down with.  He said he understood.  I then told him he would have to promise me that if he every found anyone at any time he wanted to pursue that he would be upfront and tell me.  I would NEVER stand in his way to finding someone else.  He said he could do that.  

I told him he would never ever have to worry about me that I am faithful.  He said he knew that and that was what he liked about me.  We where always up front with each other.  We had the most amazing relationship for 18 months.  I never had to worry about him being jealous or checking up on me at work, or when I was with my child.  He was the first person I introduced to my child.  On my next birthday he ran all over town looking for me with a dozen long stem red roses.  My roommate told him I had gone to the beach.  After about 4 times of checking back at my home he finally left the roses for me there with the most beautiful card.  That was the first time in my life I ever got a dozen long stem red roses.  Yes I loved that guy but I knew we where not ever going to end up together.  I really needed him in my life at that time.

He made me see what a great person I was.

He is married and has two wonderful sons.  He has the neatest wife too.  What a great team they are.

So age matters sometimes, and sometimes it just doesn't matter.

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October 7, 2007, 9:20 am CDT

Kevin a good parent PLEASE

Quote From: ravensday25

What happened to the Britney that we used to just love? I couldnt believe that she turned out like this. She needs some serious help and i think Dr. Phil is that one that can really get through to her.  I am not quite sure though if Kevin is any better.... or if he is actually going to be any better for the children then Britney has been. I really hope it works out for her, but honestly she doesnt seem to care much at all!!! cant wait to watch tomorrows show!  I love Dr. Phil!!!

Brittney changed when she started seeing Kevin.

The drugs, drinking all out of hand from Kevin.

Why doesn't anyone see this.

Who are these people who suppositly know her or follow her career, yet not see what she had done since being with Kevin.  He set her up, he knew she would fall to every one of his whims, all he had to do was threaten to leave.  Dr. Phil you have worked with controlling boyfriend, husbands before, how about seeing Kevin in this light and from this learn how to help Brittney.


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