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October 16, 2005, 6:58 pm CDT

10/18 "I Am Right!"

Quote From: merlina777

I had to home school my son, Andrew, in Florida starting in the 4th grade. He is now in 9th grade and has NO desire to go high school. They didn't have the right class for him so they put him in a behavioral problem class instead. He is NOT a behavioral problem. School was nothing more than a battle field for him EVERYDAY! The school wanted to lablel Andrew ADD and mentioned medication. There was NO way that was going to happen. We didn't have any problems with our son at home. An inadequate school system was the problem. It's out dated!! My son is what we refer to as an INDIGO CHILD. And to us ADHD just means "already dialed into a higher dimension." This out dated school system does not serve these Indigo kids, they don't know how to deal with them so the school system labels them ADD, ADHD and behavioral problems & over medicates them. Anyone who thinks children get to socialize in school are sadly mistaken. I would visit my son at lunch and the kids weren't even allowed to talk! IN THE LUNCH ROOM!!! Elementary school aged kids not allowed to talk during lunch?? R U kidding me we that?? My son's friends are outside of school not in it. He had to protect himself everyday from someone picking on him, his self esteem was leaving as was his incredible spirit. My son is sensive to energy and the constant negative reinforcement in a class room was overwhelming for him. Some children may thrive in school but my son isn't one of them. I feel because he has been home schooled his self esteem is through the roof, he has a great sense of self which is a great gift at 14! My son meditates, and is into quantum physics, he thinks out side of the box and they don't encourage that in the current school system here. His favorite movie is "What the Bleep do we Know?" about quantum physics and his favorite books are by Dr. Emoto, "The Healing Messages in Water." Home Schooling has been the best gift we have given our son. Public school is NOT ready for kids like my son! C. Jordan
This touches on the one thing I detest, the trend in dealing with situations out of a persons control by medication. Now given, that sometimes some people can have chemical imbalences and some medication can help with that, more often then not, as in your sons case, it is prescribed irresponsably and without just cause. Now personally I have no children as of yet, but seeing how my neices are and hearing of some rather horrific stories here in the UK as well I would be inclined to teach my children from home, I've seen some very nice and loving kids turned into the nastiest and hateful of brats due to public school peer pressure, and teachers here just can't handle it, they have no discaplinary powers, they can't scold a child without getting an earful of foul language, or worse, threats of violence and even of made up accusations ranging from sexual abuse to physical abuse. I would rather, when I find a woman who'll accept me for me and I get kids, I would rather be safe in the knowledge that they have had the best education possable for them in the safest environment, and learned some decent values that will at least give us some hope for the future, because when I open a newspaper, I feel like crying.
October 16, 2005, 7:06 pm CDT

10/18 "I Am Right!"

Quote From: blueangel777

How sad it is that society doesn't view virginity as sacred!!!!!!!!  I am older then 30 and am.  I believe in marriage before having sex.  I was made fun of for many years.  A very special person told me, "That's the way it is suppose to be!"  He was the first person to validate my choice.  A mental health professional said to me, "That is really odd at your age." and quickly changed the subject.  I am very glad I am and if I die a virgin, SO BE IT!!!  That is the way to suppose to be!!!
 Now, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Even though I lost my virginity when I was a lot younger, too young really but eh, sometimes we do stupid, stupid things as people. If you are not ready, nor have you met anyone who you feel ready with, then the worst thing in the world you can do is sacrifice something that means so much to you mentally and spiritially, personally, I'd give anything to be a virgin again believe it or not.
October 16, 2005, 7:35 pm CDT

10/20 "You Ruined My Reputation"

 I can't say I had any problems with rumours at school, usually when I found out about a particular rumour about me, or got wind of any rumours, I always made it very loud and very clear that not only was that false, but should I ever catch the person who spread the rumours, I would do something rumour worthy. Well I never said I was a good kid when I was younger. My recent problems have been online comunities, I was in one, a roleplaying game community, and it was quite fun, and over the years I built up quite a reputation, that was, until someone I was friends with did something that was to say the least, morally questionable. I had no idea about this event, until I got wind of it from another friend, as you tend to do, the rumour in question isn't really repeatable, but from what I found out, I was 'tarred with the same brush' and lost a lot of friends both on and offline because of this, and was very nearly subject to a legal investigation... Yes, it was that bad. Rumours aren't the only things that can ruin a good name, your actions can reflect on your friends too if you're close enough.

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