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September 12, 2007, 8:25 pm CDT


     These people on your show today have a lot in common.They do not respect each other.I think mutual respect is the foundation of all relationships.The husband and wife clearly have suffered through the affects of the husbands adultery.He has been verbally abusive towards his wife(did this occur before/after the affair(s)?He seems to have a deep rooted issue with woman in general.Is this being persued in therapy?What was his parents marriage like?Is he role playing his father's behaviour?Does he really love Amy?I noticed that the wife and husbands attending behaviour seemed to be jointly focused toward Heidi.I do not think this relationship has a chance to heal, and move forward(without couple and individual counselling)if Heidi remains in their lives.Heidi must go!(I am not implying that she is to blame for their problems,only that she is a constant reminder of the past).I see no reason for this couple to divorce and continue seeing each other to see if the husband has trully changed.They both need to be honest with themselves-stop the games!
December 5, 2007, 8:45 pm CST

Brutal Policemen

Quote From: jammaw45

Good that you are doing this show. I wish e could pick these people out before they kill or  at least when they kill the first time.


It seems once again, the police have bungled and protected their own too long. Now he's gone and killed again . Hopefully he won't get away with it this time.


Will be watching this and the news with bated breath.

   We are always so surprised when those who work in postions of public trust elude us.I think there are more people in these professions who behave criminally towards their spouses than are ever reported.You see, I can speak from the experience of having once been the victim of abuse by a police officer, my x-husband. He seemed to me to be unable to make the transition from job to home,often responding in our relationship as if he were wearing his uniform.I can say I never walked in his work boots,but I can only imagine the power that surges through their ego's if they have a pre-existing personality malfunction.Psychological testing pre-emloyment, should be extensive.Did this officer's wife leave for another man? I do not know that. I wonder though why she has not come forward. Is she keeping her silence as a way of protecting herself? I hope so. Maybe Dr. Phil could plead with her to call him and offer what ever assurance she needs that he will keep her where abouts confidential, so that her morbidity can be confirmed. An abuser can be obvious by nature and is distinct in his behaviour(controlling, jealous, verbally humilliating, etc.).He can be employed or unemployed. When a police officer is the abuser, it is easy to assume that   "the boys club" will protect him. I think they are being very careful in this case because this is wife # 4.The last I heard my  x-husband was still with wife #3. He abused #2 as well. I will leave you with this thought.One night while I was sitting in our kitchen, he walked up to me with his service revolver and asked me, if I wanted to play Russian Roulet...........

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