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January 6, 2007, 11:47 am CST

Mega Moochers

My sister always accused me of being a Moocher.  But it is funny since she is the one who stole money form my grandmother, and didn't do anything to help me when our mother was dying of lung cancer.  My sister didn't and doesn't realize that it gas in my car that I HAD purchased to take MOM back and forth to her chemo treatments three days a week, after working 11pm-7am.  shft. I know that there are other people out there who MOOCH off of realtives forever and ever, and never work a day in their lives.  My question is what do they do if they get seriously sick, and end up in the hospital?  I hope they don't expect MOM and DAD to bail them out of the bill.
January 6, 2007, 12:24 pm CST

01/05 No More Jerks!

Quote From: irishlady3

 I have to say, it is women like Tammy that give us all a bad name!  What is wrong with her that she would allow herself to be treated like this for even 1 day, not to mention 20 YEARS!!!! For crying out loud ladies! HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR YOURSELF!  Then she has nerve enough to sit there and cry and say "he can do what he wants to me, but not my children"! Are you kidding me?  If he's doing it to you, why would he not do it to his children?!  And how do you think your son is going to act towards other people?  I truly do not understand women who allow themselves to be abused, either emotionally or physically, and say they "love" the person.  We as women are NEVER going to take back our power if we continue to allow people to use us as door mats to wipe their feet on.  WAKE UP LADIES!!!

  As for him, he may very well have some emotional issues. I truly hope he works those out.  But she should not continue to allow herself to be a door mat while he figures things out. Those are his issues, not hers.  I know they have a child, but what is doing him more harm, having a father that acts the way his does, or have parents who are divorced?  Oh, by the way, Raynoir. I wouldn't want to have sex with you either if you treated me like that.  I can't imagine why Tammy isn't attracted to you. Everyone knows being called the "c" word is romantic as all get out!

Give me a break!

I agree with what you are saying a 100%.  The one thing I noticed about Raynoir is what a slob he is.  Sitting on the sofa with his legs splayed apart, while watching TV.  I was embarresed for his wife and children. I  also noticed how he tried to place blame on everyone else instead of admitting that the problem was his.  I pray his son has a positive role modle in his life.  I hope Tammy realizes that their is verbal and emotional abuse, and gets herself and children out before it tears them apart emotionally.


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