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January 3, 2006, 4:15 pm CST

Last year Dr. Phil helped me to stop smoking, now.....................

I am 15 pounds heavier than last year (because of no cigs) and I was 25 pounds heavier last year than is my ideal weight because of a serious knee injury. So I need to lose 40 lbs. :( 


Dr. Phil's quiet smoking program has made me smoke free for one year (January 8, 2005 was my quit date).  


Now, I'm turning to his weight loss program to lose the weight. I actually found his book "The Ultimate Weight Solution"  in a used book store today! It just jumped out at me! LOL 


Right now, I have to get my mind set that this is it. I'm still struggling.  

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July 13, 2006, 1:35 pm CDT

I know one of the wifes

Well, online dating does hurt people too. I know a lady whose husband was doing the online dating. It wasn't hard to figure out.......but when the phone calls came into her husband cell phone and she called them all back, well there you have it! She is devastated! He was the love of her life! When she found his "profile" online it just made it even worse......all the things she was were listed as his "turnoffs". The very things that he told her that he admired and made him noitce her when they were dating! . She would work hard on the weekends and he also worked a ways out of town. So when she was working to make their life better for them.....Guess what he was doing!. So ladies take notice, you think it hurts you when you find out he is married, think what it does to the other side! Some things that will give you the BIG clue. No picture, only wants you to call at certain times, calls at the office or only on cell, or only wants you to wait until he calls you. Are you on a "schedule" for his time - BIG CLUE! Her husband would get up very early in the morning and head to the office, that was his time on, I'm sure also on weekends etc. Also take note, there were A LOT of different women, don't think you are the ONLY one of his contacts. This man is also seeing another woman too!  Just wanted to give my thoughts. I would never, never go on a online dating site myself, but I guess that's me.   


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