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September 12, 2005, 11:46 am CDT

We have to love who we are!

Beauty has it's up's and down's. So do -being short, stout, bald, in ill health, whatever, we all have something. If it's not on the outside it's on the inside.  

We have to cry on the times it gets us down and thank God for the moments we are alive! 

I'm 54 and a backpacker around the world. I can be treated like a 'star' where there are no 'whites' and after getting all that attention i am so thankfull to be me and walk the streets here ALONE.  

Here i dress 'pretty' very few single men will even walk with me, unless they are long time friends and know me. Married me flirt heavy with their wives by their sides. the idea being for the wife is "if i wasn't with you i'd be with her' which i'd like to tell the wife is bullshit. Your husband only has the guts to flirt with me because he has a ring on his finger! He is looking for a reaction from you. Tell him it really wouldn't bother you if he ditched you because you are considering stepping up a level. :-) Ok, that might not be nice then just talk to the pretty woman because believe me, she is usually just like you with all the same desires, concerns and hopes.  


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