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November 9, 2005, 12:17 pm CST

Dating on the internet

I agreed with the person about dating on the internet.  I have had 4 date.  On the first date, we go out for something to eat.  I live at the beach. Wildwood, N. J.  We go for a walk after eating , and all they want to do is kiss.  They use the tongue and the whole mouth.  I think that they are only after lust.  I try to keep conversation going. but to no luck..  They want to take me home, but I say not on the first date. I meet them at a spot that I pick out.  I tell them on the phone before the first date.. that I want to take it slowly, but they donj't listen.  After December, I am giving up. If if is meet for me to marry or have a boyfriend again it will be in God hands.  I am getting on with my life. 

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