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August 22, 2005, 10:10 am CDT

troubled daughter

My daughter turned 17 in June and a month before my husband and I found out she had been cutting herself. I knew there was something troubling her and I kept looking for signs for others things but never did I think this was the problem. We had a series of events that rattled things. My mom passed away and she was very close with my daughter and then about a year later we moved from a larger city to a small town in another state.( this was prior to finding out about the cutting) She had a difficult time fitting in. She's not very outgoing. We took her to a therapist and she was given antidepression meds. She fights about taking them. She has had a lot of problems with PMS and this makes the situation worse. She seems to fly off the handle at the least little thing. She then broke up with her boyfriend of a few months and now is dreading school since she believes all the kids will shun her again. She did work at a good job in the summer and made new friends who live in the area. I've taken her to school and worked out a schedule so she can graduate in January. (She is a straight A student). I'm at my wits end since I feel she blames me for everything that has gone wrong in her life. I've always encouraged her to do her best and to follow her dreams but I seem to have done something wrong. I have a 12 year old son and worry about him being exposed to all  this anger and hositility. It's like walking on eggshells when she's home and always worrying about not upsetting her. My husband is very supportive but isn't sure what he should do to help. Does anyone have any idea what my next step should be. I want to help her but she doesn't seem to want to help herself get better. Does that make sense to anyone? Thanks for listening.

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