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July 24, 2005, 10:30 pm CDT


I just turned 50 on July 12 & I weigh 225.I use to weight 255 but lost 20 pound exercising & watching what I ate.But that was 2 years ago when I lost that.I've been maintaining since.
I've been under alot of stress the past 2 years.From Nov.,2002 to Nov.2003 my husband had several surgeries to repair a herniated disc , which didn't help,it left him with permanent nerve damage & left him in constant pain.He's in so much pain he can't work.So he has been on disability for about a year now.
I find myself eatting due to stress & sometimes when I'm bored. I'm trying to get out of that cycle but find it hard. I do exercise about an hour aday 5-6 days aweek. I have a hard time getting my eatting under control.There are days when I find myself feeling so depressed that I don't feel like working out.
I plan to force myself to workout no matter how I feel emotionlly
Hope it works.

hiya hun. I like you eat when depressed/stressed and bored. Back in 2001 I weighed 215. My son was dx'd with cancer in August 2001 and was then put on anti depressants and gained ALOT of weight. I don't even dare step on a scale but I'm guessing I weigh 270. When my son was in the hospital each month I found that I could/would eat 3 times a day. Hey I liked the hospital food, lol! I'm still on anti depressants and trying to wean myself off of them. I've cut back on food intake the last couple weeks and I can tell I've lost a few pounds. Little things are easier to do after shedding a few pounds. I'm glad to hear that you force yourself to workout. I've been forcing myself to clean. That right now is about all I can handle. Like your husband I have back problems. I sweap my floors sitting in my chair that rolls. Pathetic I know.

well anyway, just wanted to say hi and i read your message. i've been a member here for some time but have never posted.

Take care,


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