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July 8, 2006, 1:03 pm CDT

Predator in the house

almost two years after splitting permanently from my ex husband it was brought to surface that he had sexually assaulted two of our children. He was so good at hiding it, even criticized those around us whom he heard had sexually abuse thier children. My daughter gave explicit details of her father that no child should know of her father. His pre-lim hearing was this past march and his trial is in November. There are not enough words to describe all the emotions, the terrors etc of his actions over our children.
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January 29, 2007, 10:06 am CST

I only wish that we had teachers like this one here in canada

Quote From: hindegirl

This suggestion is from a grade school teacher.  She told her students  the firstday of school that if she ever caught them bullying anyone that she would call their parents and they would be told they needed to come spend a day at school with the child to make sure they behaved.  She said she never had any bullying problems...............................





My 14 yr old daughter has been bullied the last 2.5 yrs by the same girl. The principal's message to my daughter and myself is that if my daughter doesnt want to be bullied she shouldnt be in the same part of the school as the bully!! Now the bully has turned the tables saying she is the one being bullied. From the get go we have tried to get the teacher to deal with this. I called the girl's parents the first day my daughter came home with road rash and torn clothing as a result of the bully. The bully's parents did nothing. The school did nothing. Recently, my daughter missed two weeks of school due to illness, and the bully's mother had the nerve to call me and accuse my daughter of stealing her daughters stuff and writing in it. I asked for a date of occurance on this (knowing my daughter was home) and the bully's mother got angrier with me and swore. I told her to call the police and I hung up. The school councillor gave virtually the same advice as the principal; no one is seeing the big daughter gets bullied inside and outside of school --- yet according to everyone-- there are two sides to the story--  yes this is so  but   when we as parents ask for specific evidence to back up the accusations (reasons for the bully's behavior) we get told no. So we have to wait it out until the time when this bully no longer attends this school. I wish we had teachers like the above mentioned here in canada! It is sad when I have to think about attending my daughter's classes with her to make sure she doesnt get bullied!!


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