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July 23, 2005, 8:34 pm CDT

Online Love Can be found


     My name is Amber, and contrary to what everyone thinks about online love especially the ones found in chat rooms... it can be real and it can be done.

I found my true love last year in October and we fell in love online and met shortly after.... I know every aspect of his life and he knows every aspect of mine... including my two children and he loves them more than their own biological fathers do.... I just wanted to say to those who are out there wondering if Online Love can actually happen that it does and its real but you do have to be very careful.... we talked on the phone for a few months before we met in person... He came up here first to meet my family and then I went down to where he lives to meet his family.... both families love the person coming to them ( him into my family and Me into his ) along with my kids.... just dont doubt yourself as far as online companions go because it can happen even if you talk to the person for years and years before you meet or for a few weeks or months it does work.... Good Luck to those who are willing to try and keep an open yet cautious mind when looking for that "perfect guy or woman" for you...

Signed Found love online

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July 28, 2005, 1:16 pm CDT

Open Minds and Honesty


I have found that the best way to go into an online or even a blind date (set up) situation is to have an open mind and use total honesty..... heres a hint for you ladies and gents out there...... if the person you are talking to refuses to answer a simple question like "have you ever been married" or soemthing important like that then they are not being totally honest with you and it is a good thing if you walk away.... TOTAL HONESTY is REQUIRED when your doing the online dating scene... if you cant be honest then dont get on the online dating sites and LIE because you want to get some kicks. Life has a funny way of throwing ppl together when they least expect it.........

     I in a very freak conversation found the man of my dreams and the only reason that we are still together is because we have TOTAL honesty with each other. i know ALL about his life and he knows ALL about mine includeing my kids who he adores as much as he would his own if he had any... we are planning on getting married very soon and we love each other VERY much and I cant wait to start our life together.... We only have one more problem to solve.... he is in Louisiana and I am in Ontario Canada.... if any of you have an idea on how we can be together legally PLEASE feel free to leave me a message. Thanks very much.

Signed DrMomto2


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