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December 30, 2007, 5:43 am CST

Cars- Lethal weapons

Ten and half weeks ago my 17 yo daughter allegedly stepped out of vehicle travelling at 40mph. I say allegedly as the only witness was the 16 yo driver of her car, her ex boyfriend. They had been arguing apparently. The police are stil investigating as they are not convinced by his explanation. They say there are too many unanswered questions. My daughter had horrific head injuries and after 2 weeks in a coma astounded medical staff by coming around and talking. She has made a miraculous recovery so far and has now been discharged home to continue with her rehab, whilst awaiting further surgery to replace a portion of her skull which was removed to relieve pressure in her brain. She will have some degree of permanent brain damage all in the frontal lobe. Thankfully not to great we have been told. She will eventually make very good recovery.Particularly if she continues with her counselling and rehabilitation and doesnt go back to this boy who lives on the "edge" and his similar friends.

The police told us of "roof surfing", where kids lie on the roof of a car whilst it's driving at speed. Our daughter said she has never done this however we dont know as she has no memeory of the accident. She has memory deficits and will probably never recover these. Her short term memory is also affected.

We are a normal family with 4 children. My husband and I are both professionals and our children attend good schools. We have put every effort into raising our children to have respect and love for themselves and others. We have set in place boudaries and consequences. We have given them time and attention.

So what happened? Was it a temporary lapse of judgement? Was it an accident? We wil probably never know, the ex boyfriend is only interrested in making himself look good.

Meanwhile every day we pray our daughter will continue to grow stronger both physically, mentally and emotionally.


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