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July 28, 2005, 11:05 am CDT

Need Help - Quick

 Hi my name is Stacey and I have an older sister who has a 7 year old daughter.  About two months ago I noticed more then usual Cindy becoming more aggressive with her daughter Amaya.  Then at the 4th of July picnic she slapped Amaya hard across the back.  She was upset with Amaya for being afraid of a puppy she had just gotten.  Amaya when she was 5 was attacked by a dog when her and Cindy were walking.  She was trying to force Amaya to hold the puppy.  Now several weeks ago Cindy has grabbed Amaya out of her bedroom since that is where Amaya spends most of her time since Cind refuses to kennel the puppy.  She drug her into the living room and forced her to the floor and held her hand on the floor while she let the puppy lick her hand.  She verbally abuses Amaya by calling her a baby.  Last weekend Amaya broke down to my mother whom was watching her for the weekend.  She cried and cried telling her about her mom and how her current boyfriend who she has been with for seven years tells Cindy to knock it off she gets violent with Tim and Amaya gets so scared she is afraid the cops will come and get her mom.  WHich is what Cindy told Amaya is what would happen if she told Grandma anymore about her hitting her.  Two days ago my sister called my mom and she told her about how she forced Amaya from her bedroom and put her on the couch.  She then held her there and let the puppy free again.....

I don't know what to do.  I have talked to her about this, my mother has, my father has.  Does anyone have any advice.  I am pregnant right now.  THis will be my first child.  I live on a farm with two dogs.  I know she would not want to live here but what else can I do?

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