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January 29, 2008, 6:13 am CST

01/29 Extreme Weight with the Doctors

i would really like to know how this very large man got this way?

i have a niece that married this guy and she had 2 kids and he had 2 kids before this marriage.

my niece was expecting him to work beside her and raise the family together.

WELL, this guy just didn't seem to stay in a job, and finally he just stayed home all day and played games on the tv. like xbox.  (whatever)  my niece was working and trying to get the kids to babysitters or daycare.

he couldn't even watch the kids or clean or wash a dish.  he said he was add or somesuch.  when he was just lazy.  he started to gain weight while playing his games.  and when my niece fianlly sperated from him he weighed like 450 pounds.  that was about 2 years ago.  he still isn't working, but hangs around making my niece miserable, wanting her to take him back with all kinds of promises, like he said he was going to collage over the computer, can you believe that?

oh by the was, i love your show and i never miss a one, if i have to be somewhere, i set the tape recorder to make sure i catch you show.  goodluck and  godbless


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