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December 13, 2008, 1:18 pm CST

Have Followed This Case Since The Beginning

Living in Central Florida, I have followed this case since day 1. I do not claim to know any of the family members or the growing numbers of others involved. However, it has surprised me at how many emotions I have experienced as an outsider while following the events leading up to the present. Of course at first, it was Hope that the community clung to that the child would be found alive quickly and returned to her loving family. The Hope strangely turned to unwelcomed Suspicion as the mother's story  began to be dispelled and disproved; followed by Disbelief and then actual Anger at the mother's apparent total unwillingness and indifference in cooperating with agencies in the search for her little girl. Wanting to believe the Grandmother as she insisted that Caylee was alive as she just seemingly ignored the facts that were evolving and at the same time having the unwanted realization that the little girl was dead was so disheartening. When news broke that the child's remains have been found it was a sense of Relief that finally the little girl is no longer "lost" and no one has to wonder where she is anymore. The only question that remains is Why? I don't think we'll ever know the real answer to that.


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