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August 25, 2008, 7:13 am CDT

Twin Sisters

Quote From: fietkau2

Hi Dr.Phil

(know it all sisters) I know exactly what they are going through I have two sisters myself and I am the baby out of six kids  can't wait to see what happens on today show


see you at 4:00 pm

H wilson

Dr. Phil, I lost my identical twin sister Terry,  February 10, 2006 to cancer, we were very close, even though we had difference in opinions, and it took her 18 months going through the cancer for me to really wake up to how much I needed her, appreciated her, even though  did, but you never think death will take your other half, and you don't think about it, until the day you are standing in the hospital room, and the doctor gives you the dreaded news your twin has inoperable cancer. My world came crashing down, and my life was forever changed, and  it has never been the same since. I miss her so much, and I have sad days and happy days, but my life was changed forever when I lost my identical twin. I look in the mirror everyday and see her. I miss her so much, and all these twins fighting, hurting one another makes me nausicated to my stomach. I want to tell all the twins out there to cherish all the moments they have with each other, and love one another. I feel like there is a gapping hole in my side, and in my life that won't heal, thank God , I have him and my faith to help me know, one day I will see her again, and she won't be sick, Thanks for reading my email, Jerry Faison

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