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July 24, 2005, 6:07 am CDT

life after abuse can be enjoyed

Hello everyone.

  I am new to the message board.but I felt compelled to speak up.I am 40 this year so that means I have been fighting the memorie demans for 38 years now.thankfully to good pepole Like DR Phil. I am a verry happy woman.all the help in the world will never be able to make you forget.but with Dr Phil's kind of can forgive and then you can begin to forgive your self hardest thing we have to do as survivers is to forgive our own selfs.then we can begin to LOVE ourselfs again.As abuse victims we did not do anything wrong so long as we survied.but we tend to blame ourself's for what we had no controll over.but we have controll over the future so everyday we need to tell ourselfs how much we matter in the world.Look forward to all the blessings comeing our way.and be very thankfull for all the blessings in our life now today.

                 Wishing everyone well.



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